Our Story

     We have always lived far away from our parents. Every time we went home to visit, my dad would take great joy in bringing the grandkids to the local candy store. Now we are taking our grandkids to the local candy store, and it brings us so much joy! We have so many beloved brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews who live far away who we like to celebrate as often as possible. This site is dedicated to the gift-giving humans who love to bring joy whether it's a candy or snack basket or any special item that shouts, "I'm thinking of you!"  "I miss you!" "Let's celebrate you!"  I'm so sorry!"  "You're the best!"

     ShopNshipped is honored to be your goto gift giving site. We welcome any and all ideas. We have evolved through your feedback and remain always grateful to serve you! We wish you the magic found in giving along with all the joy in choosing to make someone special in your circle feel loved, appreciated and valued! Happy shopping and thank you from the entire SNS team!